Mobile Video & Navigation Systems


Navigation Systems

Headrest Video Monitors

Headrest Video Monitors

You’ll never have to worry about arriving at a new destination again when you have the trusty guidance of a car GPS on your side.


Headrest Video Monitors

Headrest Video Monitors

Headrest Video Monitors

We have a variety of different sizes and colors that match your car/truck interior's color


Roof Mounted Video

Headrest Video Monitors

Roof Mounted Video

Our array of car roof mounted video screens ensures that there is a mobile entertainment system for everyone in your vehicle.

Mobile Video & Navigation Systems


Navigation Systems

Ever had to stop for directions, used hard to read road maps, or had to stop and print off directions before leaving? Getting off track can have serious implications such as making you late, wasting gas, add extra stress, and can land you in unfamiliar territory.

 With our dependable GPS mobile navigation systems, there's no need to get lost ever again. Our GPS systems give you detailed turn by turn directions so you can arrive stress free and on time at your destination. We can even mount your navigation system in the dash for a seamless interface. 

Not everyone has a good sense of direction, but don't let that stop you. Contact us today to find out how you can always be on track by investing in a vehicle navigation system. 


Headrest Monitor Systems

Bring some mobile entertainment to your everyday travels with top of the line video monitors installed right into your headrests. Keep your passengers occupied, or take a back seat and enjoy your favorite movies and shows with our gorgeous widescreen displays.

 Some of our universal headrest solutions incorporate FM transmitters to transfer sound right to your car audio system. And if you rather listen to your own entertainment up front or prefer peace and quiet, we also carry optional wired and wireless headphones for your rear seat passengers.

 Our headrest monitor solutions come in a wide range of color options and can be matched to your vehicle's interior for a perfect factory look. At Audio Expert we have exactly what you need to beef up your mobile cinematic experience. 


Overhead Monitor Systems

Here at Audio Expert we carry a wide selection of overhead monitor packages for your vehicle. Available in many shapes, sizes, and color schemes, our overhead monitor packages a great options for all vehicles, budgets, and lifestyles. We're dedicated to meeting all of your mobile entertainment needs.

Installation techniques vary depending on your current vehicle setup, however we may be able to integrate the overhead monitor system right into your existing audio system for a flawless experience in functionality and operation. Have a passenger who is an avid video game lover? You can select a system with auxiliary inputs allowing integration of other media sources ala gaming systems, iPods, iPads, and more! If you wish to not disturb your fellow passengers, we also carry headphone solutions for our overhead monitor systems. 

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